Feature Ideas

Have a feature in mind? Having issues? Found bugs? Or something you wish Seekers offered? Let us know of your ideas. Upvote the ideas you like to see done.

  1. Facebook Login

    There are users not using Google.

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  2. good job

    i like seekers

    Iqmal h


  3. Trying

    Trying to try the feedback of seekers

    Jonathan J


  4. Add ability for Candidates to get push notification when Application status is updated.

    Would be great to be able to get push notification on our application status, becauses sometiems we miss emails and might even go to spam. Getting a status update using the web api would help those that want it. Please make it OPT IN only. Not by default. Maybe ask the user after application if she/he wants to be alerted via push notification or not.

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